Delicious Japanese Cuisines


Food is an integral part of life, without it life would be non-existent. Food also is a vital part of our cultures and we are able to experience it through tours and travels to different countries. Japan is a great place where you can enjoy a picturesque scenery and the great delicacies. Some of the most popular Japanese dishes include:SushiThis is a rice dish that is served with either raw fish or mixed meats. It is the most popular Japanese food having a worldwide liking. Sushi is named differently depending on the ingredients used and its design.KaisekiIf you are passionate about art work then this cuisine will intrigue you. It includes different dishes that are prepared with fresh ingredients. They also include fine cutlery arranged to perfection to awe you.TempuraOur world is all about technology and everything happens at lightning speeds. Japan, with their contribution to technology has also given us Tempura. Tempura is for all fried food lovers and is a combination of fried vegetables and seafood.RamenThis cuisine is a like for all those people who love eating especially late at night. It is a combination of wheat noodles served with soup or broth. The broth is a mixture of ingredients like pork, eggs and seaweed.Food fosters good relationships within and without the family. Food creates a bond between generations as recipes and secret down to the next generation. Through this, Japan and many other cultures have survived the test of times to influence masses long after they were discovered. The dishes are a great way to pass on memories that are continually created as the recipes are being passed from one generation to the next.Their dishes are uniquely prepared with a wide variety of ingredients fish being the most predominant one. It is clear that Japan does not only conquer the world in the technological and development issues but also through their culture and food.